Retaining Walls Installed With Texas Paver Pros


Freestanding Stone Walls

Available in Capri and natural stone, our freestanding stone walls allow you to add dimension to your landscape and divide it into a variety of zones. Creating zones helps to maximize space and create flow in an outdoor design.

Sitting Walls

Sitting walls can be built to create new conversational spaces, add additional seating throughout your patio, or provide a place to sit and take a break while gardening. Sitting walls are also stylistic elements that add dreamy, old-world charm to your yard and can be natural stone or Capri.

Landscape Retaining Walls

Residential retaining walls are more permanent structures that are needed for a structural purpose. They provide support for vertical grade changes and prevent soil erosion and downslope movement. We offer both natural stone and Capri retaining walls.

Stone & Concrete Driveway Paver Types

Your home’s architecture should be reflected in the type of stone used for your paved driveway. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, or any other style, we’ll recommend driveway pavers that will blend seamlessly with its design.

Paver Walkways

Improve your pathways with a walkway from Texas Paver Pros that will fit your home’s look and feel.

Outdoor Kitchens

Having an outdoor kitchen installed is a great way to add to your living space and help you get more use out of your patio. We’ll create a custom design that includes everything you need for an ideal outside cooking and eating experience.

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