Elegant Walkway Pavers To Compliment Your Home

Improve your pathways with a walkway from Texas Paver Pros that will fit your home’s look and feel.


Stone Varieties

Available in an impressive selection of shapes, sizes, and more, our walkway pavers can be customized to mesh with your personal style, the architecture of your home, and your desired outdoor lifestyle.

Color Varieties

Cool grays, warm neutrals, bold charcoals – the list goes on. Our designers will make recommendations based on the color scheme and architecture of your home so that your pavestone walkways will integrate cohesively with the rest of your outdoor space.

Style Varieties

Whether you want to add charm to a traditional home, create visual interest in a contemporary yard, or weave a path through a cottage-style garden, our custom paver stone walkway designs will bring newfound character to your yard and set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Stone Driveway Paver Types

Your home’s architecture should be reflected in the type of stone used for your paved driveway. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, or any other style, we’ll recommend driveway pavers that will blend seamlessly with its design.

Paver Walkways

Improve your pathways with a walkway from Texas Paver Pros that will fit your home’s look and feel.

Outdoor Kitchens

Having an outdoor kitchen installed is a great way to add to your living space and help you get more use out of your patio. We’ll create a custom design that includes everything you need for an ideal outside cooking and eating experience.

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